November 1, 2023

Meli Wraps: Growing Cart Sizes 14% MoM Through Good @ Checkout

Discover how Meli Wraps seamlessly integrates their brand values into the customer journey to create more engaging experiences while making a meaningful impact on causes and nonprofits they deeply care about.

Meli Wraps was born on Kauai, Hawaii as a way to reduce plastic on their home island. Their wraps are made in Hawaii, and they use only local Hawaiian beeswax. They are dedicated to supporting cleaner, more diverse oceans worldwide, fighting food waste, and uplifting women in entrepreneurship. 

Since partnering with +Purpose, Meli Wraps has been able to give back to some incredible nonprofits & causes that are based in their community such as the Hawaii Community Foundation, EcoTree, and The SurfRider Foundation. 

The Strategy Behind the Impact

Through their ecommerce experience, Meli Wraps dedicates 1% of each purchase when a customer chooses a cause at checkout. Using the +Purpose integration, customers have the freedom to direct this 1% to the causes of their choice, a crucial step in unlocking increased Average Order Value (AOV) and Lifetime Value (LTV).


In the initial month of implementing +Purpose, they witnessed a 14% surge in cart size among engaged customers.

Impactful Storytelling

In addition to highlighting their giving initiatives on every product page and an option for their customers to choose at checkout where the % goes, Meli Wraps also has dedicated their entire brand around sustainability and helping the world become plastic free.

With the assistance of +Purpose's cause marketing team, Meli Wraps leverages their social media channels as a platform for educating their audience about sustainability and their core values. By seamlessly integrating their values and impactful initiatives throughout their business, Meli Wraps simplifies the process for their customers to grasp what truly matters to them, showcasing their genuine commitment to utilising their business as a force for good.

Through the utilisation of +Purpose's integrated and dedicated cause marketing team, Meli Wraps can optimise their impact and foster more robust relationships with causes that hold special significance to them.